Algebra 1 - Program Topics:

Success in Algebra 1 is based on five central concepts. You will enjoy discovering them working in a fun, interactive and engaging environment on relevant and interesting problems. The five topics are:

1. Solving equations in one variable

As the town magician you'll learn to solve equations by creating mystery bag games using a balance scale and bags of gold. You will learn the order of operations, the distributive property, combining like terms, solving equations in one variable and solving equations with fractions using least common denominators.

2. Graphing a line

You will use graphs, tables and equations to decide the placement of a hanging mattress to save a man shot out of a cannon. You'll learn the concept of slope and how to write an equation of a line in slope intercept form. We'll also write equations of vertical and horizontal lines and learn the properties of parallel lines.

3. Solving equations in two variables

You will find the heights of the tallest and shortest men on earth by solving systems of equations with one, none or an infinite number of solutions using three methods: substitution, linear combination and graphing.

4.  Parabolas and Quadratic Equations

Use our graphing calculators to discover how long it takes for a secret agent to hit the ground after jumping from a plane. You will learn to recognize parabolic relationships and create their quadratic equations. You'll shift, stretch and reflect quadratic equations as well as work with their vertex and line of symmetry. Finally we will learn to solve for the coefficient "a" in vertex form to represent the full equation of any parabola.

5.  Manipulating Variables and Factoring

Finalize the layout of a new school recreation park using Algebra Tiles. You'll learn to multiply binomials then use the zero product property to solve quadratic equations like a pro.