Algebra 2 - Program Topics:

Success in Algebra 2 is based on six central concepts. You will enjoy discovering them working in a fun, interactive and engaging environment on relevant and interesting problems. The six topics are:

1. Solving systems of equations

You will advise a Mission Improbable agent on how to enter a building protected by a motion detector. To succeed we'll review solving systems of equations by using substitution, linear combination and graphing. We'll then find whether the Titanic could have missed the iceberg field by graphing systems of inequalities. You'll pull together what we've learned to advise the agent.

2. Parabolas and Quadratic Equations

We'll use our graphing calculators to discover how long it takes for a secret agent to hit the ground after jumping from a plane. You will learn to write equations that shift, stretch and reflect quadratic equations as well as move their vertex. Finally we will learn to solve quadratic equations by completing the square or by using the quadratic formula which may lead to complex solutions.

3. Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

Learn how to change a mere $100 into $60 million by applying arithmetic and geometric sequences to investment options. You will learn to recognize the graphs of arithmetic and geometric sequences with special attention paid to decreasing geometric sequences. We will also learn to find a specific term as well as the sum of arithmetic and geometric sequences.

4.  Exponential Equations

A special paper folding workshop will teach you exponential relationships and contrast them with quadratic and cubic relationships. We will analyze the behavior of geometric sequences by graphing exponential equations on the graphing calculator with special focus on the meaning of the y-intercept of these equations.

5. Logarithms

You'll estimate the magnitude of the world's largest potential earthquake by learning about logarithms. To get your solution, you'll find out how much louder a whale is than a train. We'll use our graphing calculatotor to see that logarithms are inverse functions of exponential equations (the previous topic). We'll also investigate the natural log as well by defining the value of "e".

6. Matrices

Find the weight of the heaviest man on earth using a matrix. First we'll help the characters Cleo, Burpheus and Chinity defeat THE MATRIX by using matrix addition and multiplication. Next you'll leverage the power of the graphing calculator to learn how to find the inverse of a matrix and use it to quickly solve complex systems of linear equations and ultimately the weight of the heaviest man.