Geometry - Program Topics:

Success in Geometry is based on six central concepts. You will enjoy discovering them while working in a fun, interactive and engaging environment on relevant and interesting problems. The six topics are:

1. Triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem

We'll start with a game of figurative dart throwing while blindfolded. You and your partner will build three-square rugs and learn about the Pythagorean Theorem in your search for a “fair game”. You'll work with Billy's Box Building Business to learn the properties of acute, obtuse and right triangles as well as the angles and side lengths for special right triangles used in sending packages.

2. Similarity

You'll be investigating whether you could have been a model for the Statue of Liberty. You'll learn how to recognize similar triangles by inspection of their sides and angles. You'll discover how to use a mirror and a short tape measure and similar triangles to find the height of a flagpole. We'll finish the unit with a conceptual understanding of what sides and angles are necessary to ensure two triangles are congruent.

3. Trigonometry

Base jumpers leap off thousand foot tall cliffs with nothing but a parachute on their backs. You will be using the Sine and Cosine ratios to find out the height of these cliffs using a kite and a clinometer. We'll then extend your knowledge to the Tangent ratio to design the platform used for the Flaming High Dive.

4.  Polygons

You inherited your grandfather's jewelry business worth $100,000. You have a chance to make an additional $500,000 or lose the business entirely based on a single choice. After learning about polygons and their related angles and areas, you'll be able to make a winning decision. We'll discover how to find interior angles in a polygon then investigate the properties and areas of quadralaterals including: Trapezoids, Parallelograms, Rhombuses, Rectangles, Kites and Squares. With our new found skills, we'll test our wits against those of a honey bee.

5.  Circles

As the jury foreman, you'll deliberate with the jury before reaching your decision in a death case involving a car engine and a cut fan-belt. Your understanding of circumference, tangents, cords and arc lengths will guide you in deciding the guilt of the accused.

6.  Area and Volume

The canoe bound explorers Lewis and Clark lost their water-proof elk skin bag in the river and will have to sacrifice their clothes to make another. You will learn how to calculate the surface area and volume of pyramids, cylinders, prisms and cones before recommending the best shape for a replacement bag. If all goes well the explorers won't freeze during the winter.