Program Information Details

Program Name Geometry
Dates Aug 10- 21      (Monday - Friday)
Time 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Prerequisite Successful completion of Algebra 1
Location Lewis and Clark College

What to bring

We provide essentially everything a student needs for the program which includes:

Some students choose to bring their own food and materials that they are most comfortable with ( food, drinks, pencils, erasers, regular lined note paper)

What to expect for Homework

Homework is optional. We will be teaching core concepts in class which students will review again in their traditional year-round math classrooms. However, we provide additional practice for students each day should they desire.

What about students who get ahead?

The program is setup to provide differentiated instruction to match student ability in each core concept. A student who learns a concept quickly would engage in the "Above and Beyond" curriculum which deepens their understanding of the topic.

Missed Classes

Students may request the work for a missed class before or after their absence.

Each core concept is taught over two classes. A student who misses the first day of a two day concept may be at a disadvantage for the second day. However, this student would find their absence has far less impact on their ability to learn subsequent core concepts.

Parent Communication

Your instructor will be contacting you before the course starts to learn more about your particular needs related to the math course. Your instructor will also communicate progress to you via phone or email during the course. You are welcome to contact us at any time. The most effective method is email at

Student Safety

Student safety is a primary concern at Savvy Minds. Attendance is taken at all classes and parents sign a pick-up form when picking up their children. In an emergency, the instructor can be reached in class via cell phone at (503) 442-8899.

Some parents are comfortable with their child leaving the classroom after class without a daily parent signature. Parents request this so their children can meet them in the parking lot, catch a ride with a friend, or drive themself home. If you would like to request such an arrangement please sign and return this form:

Select to open a window where you can print just this form:

Request for Child Checkout without Parent Signature

I understand that it is Savvy Mind LLC's policy for parents to pick up their children from class each day in person and sign a daily pick-up form. I would like to request that Savvy Minds LLC release my child from class each day without me being physically present to pick up my child from class or sign the form. I understand that Savvy Minds LLC will not be responsible or liable for my child after class.

Date _____________ Print Name _____________________________

Phone # ________________ Signature _________________________

Directions and Parking

From I-5, exit right at the Terwilliger Blvd exit. Continue southbound on Terwilliger, through light at Taylor's Ferry and past Northwestern School of Law. Enter campus via the North Gate. Second parking lot on the right near the big white covered pool. Campus Information: 510.393.3653