Innovative Curriculum    Savvy Minds is exceptional because the curriculum is intuitive, concise and college preparatory. Our theme problems are cleverly crafted to cut through complex concepts and build on student success.

Every problem and exercise has a specific purpose and direction for the student's development and understanding of a math concept, principle or rule.

Our theme problems help students learn and retain the concepts by making a connection to a particularly interesting example. For example, students learn about the Sine function by learning about tidal waves. We then reinforce the learning by showing the student how these concepts fit together.

Students leave the program with a tangible “Toolkit” which they refer to in their subsequent math class. The Toolkit is essentially a well organized and specific set of directions and tips to clarify the logic of specific math concepts. What makes the Toolkit particularly unique and effective is the way in which it helps a student to remember a concept by first referring back to the theme problem taught in class. For example a student is more likely to remember the Sine function because their Toolkit entry has a picture, equation and notes of the tidal wave theme problem they learned about in class.