“Our son told us that Savvy Minds has been the best math experience he has ever had. He said he didn’t know math could be so fun. Your program was his first exposure to Algebra and we’re so pleased it has been such a positive and productive experience. Not only did your program provide a head start, it made a positive introduction that opened our son’s mind.”

Christine Schlesser – parent at Riverdale Grade School

"My son has enjoyed the activities in class. The practice and exposure to algebra before the school year helped him maintain straight 'A's in his algebra class. He had struggled with learning some basic concepts in his pre-algebra class. We signed him up for the geometry class this year. He is very confident that he will be successful in geometry."

Ellen Singer– Parent at Wilson High School

"Our son was engaged during the entire class series. He wanted even more exposure to math instruction as a result of the Savvy Minds course."

Susan Weedall – Parent at Riverdale High School

"My son is really enjoying your class. When I first suggested your class, he said, ' I don't want to go to school over the summer.' However, he now looks forward to going and is glad to be prepared for high school geometry."

Martha Gerrity– Parent at St. John Fisher

“My son fared really well in this fun and fast-paced class! I really appreciate the instructor's style with the kids, and I know my son was surprised at how much he enjoyed it, and how much he learned. So far so good this year!”

Linda Trotta - Parent at Lakeridge High School

"Savvy Minds has a unique way of teaching math that is very helpful. Overall it is the best math class I have had in years."

Ty - Student at Rosemont Ridge Middle School

"Savvy Minds was a fun experience that helped me get prepared for the upcoming year. I would definitely recommend it."

Pauline – Student at Portland Christian School

"At the end of the class I just felt overall more prepared and confident about next year’s math class."

Elliot - student at St. John Fisher

"Savvy Minds is an enjoyable journey through the normally boring world of math. They do it in a way that would interest anyone."

Anthony - Student at Lakeridge High School

"This was a great opportunity for my child to get a jump-start in math. Where she once struggled, she now moves into this school year with confidence. She also experienced math in a fun environment for the very first time. We were both very happy with this experience."

Parent Comment 2008

"My son breezed through Geometry last year after taking your program. He said the material he learned during the school year was the same as the content he learned in your program. This summer he took the Algebra 2 program. I was amazed by the communication after the course as well as the updates during the course. My son found the online resources at SavvyMinds.org very helpful as well. I recommended Savvy Minds to other parents."

Martha Gerrity 2008– Parent at Beaverton High School

"My son went to class reluctantly the first day. After that, however, he never once complained because he told me the class was both fun and helpful."

Parent Comment 2008

"The instructor's enthusiasm and innovation really kept the kids focused and interested. My son truly enjoyed the experience."

Parent Comment 2008

"My teenager doesn't normally give me much feedback, but everyday she was eager to come to class and she never complained once even though it was my idea to send her. I think the class was invaluable to her success in starting high school. Thanks for the midweek updates on her progress!"

Parent Comment 2008

"Math has not always been easy for my child. She took the Algebra 2 program and came out feeling ready to start school. She seems to feel more confident and prepared. My daughter was pleased with the clas. It helped her to feel successful about math in general. I appreciate you being accessible and getting back to me quickly during the course."

Suzanne Bevier - Parent at Wilson High School

"Each of my two boys took a course at Savvy Minds. They both came home excited about what they learned and looked forward to going back each day."

Myrna Rattle - Parent at West Linn High School

"The Savvy Minds course provided a strong foundation for the upcoming school year. The course improved my daughter's confidence and increased her math skills. It was a fun place to learn because of the prizes, snacks and card tricks. We are very likely to take a course again next summer."

Parent Comment 2008

"The instructor is top notch and does a great job explaining math concepts."

Parent Comment 2008

"This was by far the best math class I have taken. It is a perfect blend of math, tricks, fun and food.

Joshua - Algebra 1 student at Oregon Episcopal School

"I thought it would be boring but it was a lot of fun! I definately want to come back next year. It made me feel confident for the year ahead."

Shannon - Algebra 1 student at West Linn High School

"I wanted to join this class to get a head start in math. I suspected it would be a boring math class but instead found the class to be VERY fun with a great math teacher. Thank You."

Hannah - Algebra 1 student at West Sylvan Middle School

"My parents signed me up for the Algebra 1 class which I was purely against. But when I got there, I loved it. All the magic tricks, candy, snacks, prizes and jokes made the math fun. I adored the class."

Bri - Algebra 1 student at Highland Park Middle School

"I took the Geometry program and the Note Card I received from the Savvy Minds program covered almost everything that was on my Geometry final."

Elliot - Student at Beaverton High School



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